Wellness Program

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In an effort to help our members become healthier, and to identify areas where they may be at risk, the LGHIB established the Worksite Wellness Program. Employees and non-Medicare retirees who are enrolled in the Local Government Health Insurance Plan (Group 30000), along with their covered spouses, are eligible to participate in one wellness screening annually during the wellness qualifying period. The health coaches performing the screenings are trained and experienced in assessing risk factors, providing education and making recommendations to help members reach their wellness goals.

Wellness screenings are provided at the worksite, participating pharmacies, and county health departments at no charge. Wellness screenings may also be performed by a primary care physician or nurse practitioner; however, all applicable co-payments will apply. A link to a list of participating wellness screening pharmacies throughout the state is included below, along with just a few of the other health benefits available to LGHIP members.