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The Local Government Health Insurance Board (LGHIB) is closely monitoring developments in the outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus known as COVID-19. The LGHIB is committed to assisting our members during this uncertain time and has established an emergency preparedness plan to make certain that the members and units of the Local Government Health Insurance Plan will have uninterrupted access to the LGHIB and their health benefits during this extraordinary time.

The health and safety of our members are of paramount importance. If you believe you have been exposed to the coronavirus, please contact your health care provider immediately for guidance. The CDC advises anyone who is experiencing flu-like symptoms to call their healthcare provider before attending work to minimize the potential spread of the virus. Claims for COVID testing should be submitted to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama for processing. There is no copay for COVID testing for members experiencing symptoms or possible exposure.

Click here to review the COVID-19 vaccine FAQs

LGHIB Benefit Administrators

The LGHIB has developed contingencies for LGHIB operations to continue without interruption during this pandemic. Below, you’ll find information concerning each department of the LGHIB. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the LGHIB by visiting our Contact Us page.

LGHIB Members

Full-time Employees and Non-Medicare Retirees

We highly encourage all members create an account on and opt-in to receive emails from the LGHIB to stay informed of the latest news about the Plan and Plan benefits. By creating an account, you can review previous wellness screenings and your own personal trend charts (based on previous screenings), as well as view all LGHIP-related coverage you have.

LGHIB Medicare Retirees and/or Medicare Dependents

Medicare retirees and their Medicare dependents have a vast amount of resources available that are related to COVID-19. Please see the drop down menus below for information released by UnitedHealthcare, as well as CDC-approved prevention tips and information related to your telemedicine benefit.